Reusable menu cards (usually present in a booklet form on each table) have been a norm for F&B industry. Now, because they're out of competition, restaurateurs need to think quickly about options that are cost-effective and retain conventional menu cards' visual appeal.

Rather of the standard reusable ones, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) proposed the use of digital or disposable menu cards.Since the increasing prices aren't suitable for printing disposable menus, contactless QR Code menus are a viable choice.

QR Code-Based Menu by Trovend Technology

How our digital menu works

1. Sign-up / Register

2. Buy a Plan Type or Free Version

3. Setup Simple Restaurant Settings

3. Upload your images (Basic Package purchased)

4. Set up items in your Menu (if you purchased a Dynamic Package)

5. Add elements such as name, definition, size, best seller, vegetarian, calories, photos, etc.

6. Done! You are ready for your QR Code. Download the document, and print it

Start using QR code Menu for your Restaurant

Here's how QR codes work effectively as a menu-  

1. Restaurant owners create a QR code, and display it at multiple locations in their establishment.

2. Customers use their phone camera or Google Lens on their phone to scan the QR code and access the menu.

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