digital menu for restaurant

Going Digital is New Normal Now

Many Countries and their state governments are mandating that restaurants turn to disposable menus to help protect restaurant visitor against the spread of coronavirus/ covid19. Disposable single-use menus are the safe but it will cost restaurant owner more money; so instead, please keep a single QR code on a table and customer will be using their phones or tabs to see the menu.

Digital Menu Saves Cost and Its Safe as No customer will be touching the menu

  • Protect Your Employees and Visitors from spreading coronavirus through disposable menus
  • Make Best use of technology and show the menu directly on visitors phone or tablet
  • Digital Menu can be changed at any time. There is no more printing cost every time you make a change
  • QR Code generated once, stays for ever so there is no need to change/ print QR codes every time after menu changes
  • Show to your visitors that you adopt technology and care of them